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"The Prisoner " tv series......and other brain-draining nonsense.

So Josh and I have started watching this awesome series from the late 60's called "The Prisoner". After 1 episode I'm hooked. The premise is- without spoiling anything- essentially about a guy who I'm guessing is some kind of ex-MI and has essentially been dropped in the middle of a town with no identity but a number where every person he meets is in some way trying to assimilate/interrogate him. It's very reminiscent of James Bond, but more about what would happen if you decided to give up that life and had some very valuable information. How very subversive...lol, I look forward to zoning out after I get home from work and watching another episode or two =]

Other shows I've been following are Weeds, United States of Tara (thanks again Steff), Breaking Bad, House, and Sons of Anarchy. Generally, I'm not a fan of the glowing virtual babysitter but what can I say- I love well written, directed, and acted television and cinema. They are two of my many vices.

On an unrelated topic, I've officially quit working @ PT's. Yay!!!!! Well, where exactly does one go when they want to be done with food and bev indefinitely? TGIFriday's. *sigh* Luckily, I work with some awesome people I get along well with and I can transfer to another location out of state. Plus if all I have to deal with are the sea of parents and crotch droppings coming out for birthdays and that's the downside, I'm golden. After I'm done with this initial month of training, I'll be bartending and generally will only have to deal with the surly drunks and degenerate gamblers (they just introduced bar gaming to this location and it's the only Friday's that has it, so it should be interesting to see how it develops). I'm sure I'll be posting about it in here a lot once I'm out of school.

***Side note: if you need motivation to finish/go back to school and get your degree as quickly as possible, work in food and bev. I've never been so motivated to work my ass off and get out of school so I never have to work in this field ever again. At least the tips are decent.***

Well, speaking of work, it's off to work with me. High ho....high ho....=]

Happy 2 Year Anniversary To The Man I Love

Josh, I am honored to have you as both my life-partner and best friend. I could write a book about how enriching these last 2 years have been and what a wonderful experience it's been, but that would only take time from planning for tonight. So instead, I will simply say I look forward to reflecting on the 2 years of extramarital bliss, debauchery, and life experiences we've shared and the lifetime of memories to come. I love you to the depths of my being and can't imagine a world without you in it- I want to wake up to your morning-breath kisses and sleepy eyes until we're both a couple of raisins so blind with cataracts I can't even make out your face anymore. I look forward to that process and everything that happens between now and then. My soul mate, happy anniversary.

And I can't wait for sexxxy time tonight =] Anniversary sex rawks!!!!
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So....spinning Andromeda, the Marching Dynamics show, and spinning Bunker in Feb...

Highlights of the trip last weekend to Riverside:

- venue was a Cubs/Bears bar. WIN!

- had an amazing time spinning Andromeda with RaZorslave, Dj Liquid Sex Drive, and Dj Obscura

- heard someone other than Josh or myself drop Underworld and Massive in Mensch

- got pretty drunk off 3 drinks all night(good bartenders rock)

- booked a room on Orbitz that had been quoted for $45 and turned out to cost $62

- drove 40 miles so Josh could hit a savers and buy yet another Hawaiian shirt so horrifying it could melt the face off an infant

- ate at Pepitos, an authentic Mexican food place where a ranchero band serenades you while you eat; it's connected to Club Skandal

- saw some incredible people and got some incredible photos

- saw Marching Dynamics perform (absolutely fucking amazing) while doing a tiki-themed show and wearing oversized black-light reactive masks of the heads of Easter Island

- heard Marching Dynamics sound go dead 4 times while performing and killing 4 channels

- met River, who entertained me with some lively conversation

- got molested by beautiful girls [life is so hard...:) ]

- GOT ASKED TO DJ DAS BUNKER IN FEB FOR THE ESTROGEN NIGHT!!! Too...stoked...for...words.....(yay!)

I really want to thank Dj and Mrs. Liquid Sex Drive for allowing me the distinct pleasure and honor of djing Andromeda. I had a ton of fun and really hope to do it again sometime. I also couldn't (and still can't) believe Frank asked me to dj the noise room at Das Bunker. I actually had to ask Josh a couple times whether or not I was having a schizophrenic episode because I honestly didn't believe that it happened; I will totally shit myself if it falls on the weekend of my birthday.

As for Marching Dynamics, I couldn't be more excited to host them here. They did such an amazing job, especially given the technical difficulties they encountered. Thanks Josh for getting some photos/video. I can't wait for the 8/8 show!
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Bye bye Vector [a repost with a little twist]

First the bad news.

"We would like to thank everyone for their support over the last three years, we could not have done this without you and we truly appreciate your patronage at Vector.


July 4th will be the last Regular Vector @ Black Label, we were asked to consider moving the night to a Sunday, Wed, or Thursday and it didn't take long to realize that the idea is just not tenable.

August 8th, will be the final Show for Vector @ Black Label. We haven't decided if we're going to find another venue or just take a break for a while. At this point even if the bar were to magically change their minds once again regarding the night, we'd walk away.

The owners were quite thrilled with the upswing of attendance that occurred from the April through the end of may (which is why they asked us to go weekly) but were disappointed by the following drop to the lowest numbers we've ever seen show up at Vector.

No amount of excuses and explanations about the competing house parties (yes multiple) and other things going on that night could be accepted. They are business people, and need to be profitable. They need to try something else that will make them money because we are not making them what they think they could make with another group on that night. It has come down to move to another night or move on. . . "


This was written up by RaZorslave. I, however, would like to add that there is at least a consistency now with the message. I will not miss dealing with the fickle and unprofessional nature of the owners of Black Label; it is appalling to me that someone who runs a business would pull some of the stunts they did, such as arbitrarily raising drink prices without prior notice, changing their policy of whom they allow into their establishment [without the matching licensing to do so] without prior notice, playing this cat and mouse game of who whether or not we're going weekly or shutting down, and jumping down my throat when I explain that the economic climate simply does not allow for people to spend $12 on a WELL long island ice tea or $8 on a bottle of domestic beer. This isn't the fucking strip, and even their prices are more reasonable. So, I guess my sentiments on the matter are good riddance to bad rubbish. There's my silver lining.

[end interjection]

I hope to see you all out over the next few weeks we're going to exit with style and grace starting with:

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If you want an HONEST mechanic, go here

Hyundais Only on the north side of Spring Mtn just east of Lindell (between Decatur and Jones)

5410 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 362-8082

Seriously, between all the times I've gotten my car serviced there and come in with problems they haven't ever tried to sell me some bullshit and have actually referred me to other places if they can't help me out. For instance, after taking my car in to get the alignment fixed and the transmission looked at they told me my wheels were separating and I just need to put new tires on my car. They didn't charge me for the inspection and sent me on my way. Another time, I thought I had to change my timing belt as well as all the other belts and they just simply tightened my timing belt, charged me $50 for the hour of labor taking my engine out and adjusting the belt and told me to come back in about 8mos later to get it replaced. These people specialize in Hyundais but if you don't have one, they will work on your car and not overcharge you for stupid shit. I can't stress that last part enough- they will take a look at your car, assess what's wrong, and tell you exactly what you need and where to go if they can't help you. They will tell you outright if it will be faster/extend your warranty if you go through the dealership and just plainly put, won't screw you. I've gotten epicly fucked by different mechanics throughout town and these guys are in and by far THE BEST MECHANICS I'VE ENCOUNTERED. Well, I'm on my way to go drop off my car for routine maintenance.

Check them out if you need work done. Fer realz.
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Vector News, and Zombies!!!

Hey guys! This is a little belated,but we wanted to get this right. We wanted to thank every dedicated patron that made it out to Vector on Saturday the 18th. We were greeted by some new faces as well as fond old friends, and though we had fewer bodies than we would have liked through the door, it was a wonderfully intimate engagement. You guys are the reason we pour so much effort into bringing you this night, two, and sometimes three times a month. You are the gasmask clad, blood & sweat soaked vinyl core of our scene and comprise one of the most collectively loyal and passionate groups it’s been my pleasure to spin for in this nation. That is why it is both an honor and a pleasure to put on the Vector Industrial Night for you, bringing new music and live performances to stomp your heart out to. We thank you greatly for your continued support.

With regards to support, however, we also received some news from the owners of the club last Saturday. We were confronted with the singular question as to where everyone was and why our numbers (in conjunction with the bar's numbers) were not higher. We brought into account the fact that The Cure show was the night before, Coachella was going on that weekend, and that a new monthly event premiered that night catering to the same crowd at Beauty Bar. We also made mention of the fact that since the weather is finally warming up and is no longer fluctuating between bitter cold and nice that our numbers should be increasing soon. They have already heard about all they can stomach concerning the effects of the current economy on our night. We have been given a deadline of May 30th to bring in - and sustain - a crowd of at least twice as many people or they will have no choice but to invest in a potentially more profitable night.

This/ /is /*not*/ about hostility towards other nights or personal grievances; this is simply the fact of the matter. We will continue to bring you the best in industrial music as long as you allow us and support us. We love our crowd of friendly degenerates and drunken libertines, and we hope you will make it out to support /your/ night. Because this is all about you- without you, there is no night. It is a choice entirely up to each of you - it comes at a time when the world is getting turned on its head, our economy is in the shitter, and we freaks need to stick it out together. So please come out and show some serious man love for the Vector Industrial Night.

Our next event will be the First Friday/PRIDE Afterparty

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There's a Revivcated St. Patty's Day Food Drive tonight! I'll be there after work, and I hope to see some of you guys out there!

Hosted By:
Zombie Squad Vegas Chapter

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

McMullian's Irish Pub
4650 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas,

Did you have so much fun, that you wish St. Patty’s day wasn’t over? Well you’re in luck, It’s not!! Zombie Squad is bringing Saint Patrick back from the dead as Darby O'Zombie and the Undead Little People with their mix of traditional Irish music & Zombie rock perform at McMullian's Irish Pub to benefit the Three Square's food bank. 3 cans or $5 donation is suggested at the door.
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VD Screenings for cheap today and Friday! Check it out:

This is part of a letter I got in my inbox today from Planned Parenthood. Everyone should check out what the deals are for the GYT initiative in their town @ plannedparenthood.org

For Vegas:

GYT: Get Yourself Tested Days!

On April 21st and April 24th PPSN will be holding $5.00 STD testing days for HIV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia testing. If you are interested in getting yourself tested please call 1-800-230-PLAN to make an appointment at one of our three health centers in Las Vegas.

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Um...fuck The Cure

While I would truly enjoy seeing them tonight if I had the money, I'm so tired of hearing about the show tonight I could puke. Seriously. Everyone knows they're playing at the Palms and [you may wanna take a deep breath and sit down for this] NO ONE CARES THAT YOU DISHED OUT $150 FOR YOUR SINGLE FLOOR LEVEL TICKET! Nameless set of Vegas friends, meet reality. I know that this probably comes as a shock you and is beyond your comprehension, but I'm just doing my part to help enlighten you and soften the blow. Everyone already knows you own every rarity, imported cd, and bootleg that Robert Smith has been a part of [intentionally or otherwise] and how you masturbate to him at night while your husband/wife is asleep next to you. Truth be told, no one could possibly give an inkling of a shit less. For realz. Please stop sending out spam bulletins on myspace every 4 seconds reitterating the fact that you "can't wait for The Cure show tonight" or asking what you should wear (besides, we all know you're going to wear some super-rare tour shirt anyways).